You've tried everything, but you still think about food constantly. You're healthy, but don't have the confidence you want.

I have BEEN THERE. And now I can teach you how to re-wire your brain to have complete control around food and stop feeling so damn guilty. AKA you'll be able to eat half a cookie, not care about the other half, and never think about it again.

Re-wire your brain.

We all have some crazy beliefs around food and our bodies. We will work to change beliefs and give you some awesome new ones.

Change your habits.

"But this is who I am. This is who I've always been." But is it who you want to be?

Change your life.

Once you learn how to change your mindset around food, we get to apply it to EVERY other area of your life.

Success Stories

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Jessica F.

Bikini Competitor, Business Owner

When I started Mind Coaching with Felicia I had a horrible self image, poor self confidence and a terrible relationship with food.
I cannot tell you how many times I have "diet for 3 months then I can eat normal" and gain all the weight back I just lost .... but truly changing my thoughts about food and my everyday diet/lifestyle has changed my life.
Mind Coaching literally has changed my life, I could not have accomplished any of these things without learning these tools.


Aubrey D.

Elementary School Teacher

I started the program thinking that nothing would come from this because I had never been able to stick to a plan, but this course changed my outlook on everything. I understand now that I am so much more capable than I ever imagined!
This course centers around freedom around food but it is so much more than that. The coaching that Felicia does can be applicable towards any aspect of your life - school, relationships, food, low self confidence, etc. Felicia does an incredible job of forcing you to tune into your thoughts and the things that go on in your mind to change the way you view things. Invest in yourself and your happiness! :)

Lindsey F.

Lindsey F.

Mom of 2

This program goes deeper than a temporary diet. Felicia teaches you how to go deep to figure out your ingrained habits around food and helps you to understand your thoughts and feelings and make the changes you need to be successful with a healthy eating plan. It’s all about your mindset. She gets you thinking about your relationship with food and helps you to break unhealthy habits. The mind coaching that Felicia teaches carries over to other aspects of your life as well. I no longer feel the need to eat something to please other people and have now been able to pay attention and refocus when I start to get back into old unhealthy patterns. Everyone deserves to learn these tools.

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