Your excuse probably sounds pretty true.

But I promise it is just another excuse, no matter how well justified.


Excuses are like buttholes.

Everyone has one…. And they’re all full of crap.

I have a lot more than one excuse actually. And luckily just one butthole.

A few months ago, I was traveling and living out of a van for a month.  I decided that I was going to commit to doing my 30-60 minute workout video every day.

I would have never done that before.

It’s pretty inconvenient.  

There are so many excuses that I had on every other trip so that I didn’t have to work out.

It’s gross to do exercises on my hands and knees at a dirty public campground.  

It’s weird to do all these butt-pumpin’ exercises in the middle of the common room.

I have to carry around hand and ankle weights in my already heavy bags.

It’s too hot and I don’t want to put sweaty clothes back in my backpack.

Our brain is amazing at coming up with excuses.

The smarter you are, the more you can come up with.

Our brain is so good at coming up excuses.


Because it wants us to survive.

Wait, what?!  Excuses do not help us survive.

But they used to.

Your lower “animal” brain is still trying to get us to exert as little energy as possible in case we need that energy later to run away from that lion that is chasing us.

Luckily there are no lions chasing us, but our brains are still in survival mode and would love for us to sit on our booties all day instead of workin’ them.

You’re completely normal.  Your brain is working so well.

But we are different than animals.

We have a prefrontal cortex that knows it will benefit us if we workout.  If we stop eating when we are just satisfied. If we go outside and go for a walk instead of watching tv.

When an amazing and very convincing excuse comes up, know that it is not benefitting you.

It is breaking the commitment you made to yourself.

What is more important to you?

It will take work to honor yourself and do the things you planned to do, but your brain just REALLY does not want to do.

Write it down.  Acknowledge that it is an incorrect thought and it is not making you a better person or getting you closer to your goal.

Do what you committed to doing, no matter how amazing that excuse is.

Let’s do hard things.  It’s worth it.

xx Felicia

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