felicia_abs_are_made_in_the_mind_waterfallThere are lots of things that the majority of us people decide are “bad” things.

Spilling your coffee on your new shirt before work.

A screaming baby on a plane. (My current situation as I type this…)

Eating 36 cookies in one sitting.

Being broken up with.

Having a friend pass away.

Dropping out of college.


As people, we decided that they are “bad” things and they “shouldn’t” happen.

But they do happen.

They happen every day.

And I’ve noticed that telling myself that they’re bad and they shouldn’t have happened doesn’t really get me anywhere.

It usually leads me in the opposite direction of where I really want to be.

But what if we looked at reality and didn’t argue with it?

What if when these bad things happen, we agree that they should have happened.

Because they did.

And what if we decided that they even happened FOR us.

They made us into who we are.

They actually were beneficial to our lives and there is nothing bad about it.

You can for sure be sad. You can feel negative emotion.

Many of those situations we WANT to feel sad about.

But be sad because you decided to feel sad.

You never HAVE to feel sad. You get to choose to.

My “bad” situation this week was that my boyfriend of a year and a half broke up with me.

I felt super sad and I wanted to feel super sad about it.

I want to be sad about it for quite a while.

And I 100% believe with all of my heart that this is exactly what should have happened and it’s going to benefit both of us SO much.

I know I sound insane.

But I really am thankful it happened and know it is exactly what was supposed to have happened.

That’s the crazy things about beliefs…

They don’t feel like thoughts or beliefs at all.

They feel like 100% facts.

Luckily, I’ve been working on my purposeful beliefs for a long time and I’m so thankful to use them in this situation that legitimately used to be my biggest fear.

Having my heart broken for the first time.

It’s not easy or fun. I don’t want it to be.

But it doesn’t have to be bad or horrible or scary.

It can just be exactly what should have happened.

And it can be 100% in your favor.

We can do hard things.

xx Felicia

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