heart_pizza_healthy_abs_are_made_in_the_mindOvereating, binging, thinking about food all of the time.

It means your brain is working perfectly.


When we were evolving, it was a lot more likely for the people who overate to survive.

Basically, our ancestors were the bingers.

They ate allll the food, faster than anyone else, and stored all of the body fat.

And they were the ones that had a higher chance of survival.

And what kept us alive then, is killing us now.

Our brain’s don’t yet understand that binging is not helpful and will not help us survive.

There is no risk of starvation like there used to be.

Our brains still want to eat as much as possible, as quickly as possible, and store all of the fat. Just in case we need it later.

There is nothing wrong with you.

You just come from a long line of bad-ass lady bingers that did whatever it took to ensure your survival.

And once we can understand that our brain is working for us, and not against us, we can have so much more compassion for ourselves.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you for thinking about food all of the time and wanting to eat constantly.

When you have those urges, just say “yeah brain, I see you. Thanks for making sure I stay alive. I know you want me to eat 24/7. Doesn’t sound too bad. But today, eating all the food is going to get me further from where I want to be. We won’t starve to death. We are perfectly safe. Thank you for always making sure I don’t die. Xoxo”

Okay, maybe you don’t always have to say that long love note to your brain, but I do promise that once you understand that your brain is working for you, and not against you and that there is a very clear reason why you’re always thinking about food, it’s not a big deal anymore.

It’s expected.

I know that every time I finish a meal, my brain says “no, keep eating.”

Literally, it happens every single time. And I used to listen.

And now I expect it to happen and remind myself that I’m going to eat again very soon and that my brain is just always going to tell me to eat because that’s what it’s supposed to do.

You can’t hate yourself to your goals.

How do you want to treat yourself?

I promise, beating yourself up won’t help. And it feels pretty crappy, too.

Just know everything is working exactly how it should be.

How will you show up differently knowing that?

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