Yeah, I do mean that.

The first time I said my 2019 goal to a group of people, I went home and cried.

Okay, maybe I’m just kind of weird. But really, I hope your 2019 goal is so big, your brain is like uhh WTF, no thanks.

Because the way your brain works now is perfect and changing that requires energy and effort and the unknown. Which your brain does not like.

If your goal is huge and scary, all of these thoughts will come up. Like, how in the world could I even accomplish that?

If so, you might freak out a little and feel scared and nervous and inadequate.

You might think “okay maybe someone else can do it, but not me.”

Your brain will come up with a ton of reasons why you can’t accomplish it.

It would rather not change.

Or maybe your goal isn’t that big. Maybe it’s small and super achievable. Some people recommend setting super small goals so you don’t fail or feel disappointed.

That’s not my kind of goal setting.

I go big. Really big.

And other people don’t even allow themselves to set goals or want things, because thinking about all of the things they don’t have feels kinda crappy.

But goals aren’t there to make you happy.

I promise that if you’re not happy now, you won’t be when you reach that goal.

Goals are there to help you become the person you want to be.

Goals help us evolve and tell our brains what to focus on.

Goals change who we are.

And that’s why I recommend setting insanely huge goals. Goals that you think are impossible to reach.

Maybe you’ll reach it. You’ll most likely fail in the process.

But it’s not even about reaching the goal.

Once you achieve a goal, it feels SO amazing.. for a minute or two, and then you’re like okay – on to the next one. Bigger and better!

Am I right?!

This past year my goal was to get to 125 pounds – 10 pounds less than I was when I was 15.

It was an impossible goal.

And then I did it. And I was like woah, that’s crazy that I can do things that I think are impossible.

And I honestly didn’t love myself or my body more when I reached that goal.

It didn’t make me a happier person when I got it.

And then I decided to gain some weight back because 125 was too low of a weight for me, and I set another, more challenging, goal.

The part of the goal that is important is the process of getting there.

It’s the part where you actually see and believe that you’re freakin’ amazing.

It’s not about being 125 pounds.

It’s about changing who you are.

The way your brain and thinking is now is not where it will be when you reach your goal.

If you already knew how to get the goal, and had the right beliefs to get you there, you would have it.

Your brain loves being efficient. It repeats the same thoughts and beliefs over and over.

Which is why goals are scary because they threaten everything you already know.

Your brain doesn’t want to do anything new. It knows that what it’s doing now will keep you alive, and that is all that it’s concerned with.

It’ll keep doing that over and over again until you change it on purpose.

You literally have to change the way your brain functions.

It’s not easy.

Sure, you can set small, achievable goals.

Or you can be willing to fail. And do super hard things. And get waaay out of your comfort zone.

Because the worst thing that can happen is an emotion.

And the best thing that can happen is reaching your goal and doing the impossible.

What are you choosing for 2019?

Oh, and I made you an amazing goal setting guide for 2019.

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