“I just don’t feel motivated.”

This is something I hear SO often.

Well of course you’re not.

There are a lot of things working against us being motivated, and if we aren’t motivating ourselves consistently and on purpose, it isn’t just going to appear.

First: Your animal brain is always working to find the easiest, most pleasurable, and most efficient way to do everything. It does not want to spend extra energy, and it wants to keep you safe.

Most of the things we have to do to get to our goal are hard work, not what we are used  to doing, and not immediately pleasurable.

So your brain is always going to tell you to stop that hard stuff and go sit down and eat all the junk food and look at Instagram. Easy, safe, pleasurable.

We have to learn to expect that we aren’t going to want to do the hard thing, and understand why. Every time your brain isn’t going to want to do it. That’s okay. Do it anyways.

Second: We try to motivate ourselves in ways that are actually making us less motivated.

For example, looking at fit girls online may actually be fueling the binge eating instead of the working out.

You can know by how it makes you feel.

It may create motivation for you if you think things like “if they can do it, so can I.” or “I can totally do that.” If it feels good to look at that stuff, it will probably lead you in the right direction.

But often it doesn’t.

I catch myself looking at pictures of fitness girls thinking “I will never look like that.” I’m not good enough.” “This isn’t working.”

While my intentions are good, the thoughts I have about looking at fitness models does not produce motivation for me.

It usually ends in me putting off my workout for as long as possible and staring at my stomach in the mirror for extended amounts of time while thinking mean things about myself.

That fitness model on Instagram isn’t a bad thing at all. It’s the thoughts I’m having that make those pictures of her unhelpful to me.

Third: The good news is that you get to create your own motivation everyday.

Motivation is created by your thoughts. Always.

You get to experiment with what you want to think that will produce motivation whenever you want it.

I used to think that talking negatively about myself would be beneficial and make me motivated. That never worked.

What I found to work is to tell myself how freakin’ awesome I am.

I know it sounds a little crazy, but it seriously works.

When I’m running, I think “Yeah girl, you’re a freakin’ athlete. You’ve got this.” I run faster.

When I’m lifting weights, I think “dang girl, you’re so strong!” “This is easy.”

When I’m following a strict meal plan, I think “I love eating this food and it’s so delicious.”

You have to find thoughts that you believe though. I didn’t always think this way. Which is why my results were much different.

I thought telling myself that I was a giant fatty would make me stop eating everything. But it just made me more of a giant fatty.

Crazy how that really happens.

It felt weird to treat myself like the greatest person ever. It feels wrong to think so highly of ourselves.

But that’s what produces motivation for me.

I tell myself that I’m freakin’ amazing. And I’m finally at a place where I can truly believe that.

And when I think I’m amazing and productive and strong, I end up doing things that prove it.

My motivation never just appears. I create it everytime. Literally daily.

If you need help starting, think of a time that you were super motivated.

Why were you so motivated?

Hint: It was a thought.

Find that thought. Find one you really believe and think it all of the time.

Make this week your most motivated week ever.

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