Food used to be the highlight of my day.

When I woke up in the morning, I would get excited about what I was going to eat that day.

When I traveled, I planned the itinerary around where we were going to eat.

I loved looking up the menu ahead of time and planning what I was going to eat.

I thought this would all be super helpful for me.

I wanted to be really healthy and fit and I thought I should really be worried about what I was eating.

I loved finding new recipes on Pinterest and making every paleo and keto dessert.

Food was my life. It was what made me happiest.

But even though I had good intentions, this led to me thinking about food and therefore eating constantly.

Emotional eating and overeating were my specialty.

I got to the point where I was sick and tired of thinking about food all of the time.

I wanted a different goal besides just to lose weight. Because everything I was doing was definitely not working.

I wanted to just not really care about food, and more importantly, see the results that I was working so hard in the gym for.

But I didn’t understand that I was using food for immediate gratification.

Our brains seek pleasure by design.

And they are constantly going to try and get it.

I was getting most of the pleasure in my life by eating. It released dopamine in my brain, it felt healthy and helpful, and it made me happy.

Once I learned to eat to fuel my body instead of for pleasure, everything in my life changed.

First of all, I became leaner than ever and felt less restricted than ever.

I had so much more energy and brain power to focus on other things.

And other areas of my life became amazing.

I created better relationships, I started a business, I made more money and enjoyed work, and I competed in a freakin’ bikini competition.

Once I stopped letting food be the source of my happiness, I had so much more energy to focus on other way more important areas of my life.

Do you want food to be the best part of your day?

That’s totally fine if you do! But I don’t.

I want to not make food important at all and focus on way bigger goals.

I think we have much more awesome things to do than eat and make Pinterest recipes.

What do you want to get pleasure from in life?

You get to decide.

I can promise you that once you stop getting immediate gratification from food all of the time, your brain will find other things in your life that will make you just as happy.

It changed everything for me.

I made food a more boring part of my life instead of an exciting thing.

I did this by eating the same few things over and over, making simple foods instead of always searching for something new and extravagant, and changing my thoughts around food to be something that is there to fuel me and that’s it.

How do you want to look at food? Is it the best part of your day?

It doesn’t have to be.


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