I’ve heard so many times “Do what feels good.”  “Do what’s right for you.”

Wanna know what feels good to me?

Eating chocolate everyday.

Having dessert every time the opportunity presents itself.

Not saying no when someone offers me food/alcohol because I want to make them happy and it enjoy it with them.

Loading the car up with junk food on a road trip with my friends and eating it all because there’s not much else to do.

Spending the day in bed with my boyfriend watching Netflix and eating the whole tub of ice cream.

Not going to the gym when I planned to because I came up with an excuse of a “better” way to use my time.

Baking every “healthy” recipe I see on my Instagram feed that actually has 3 days worth of carbs per serving.

And it’s completely normal for these things to feel good!

Our bodies are DESIGNED to want all of the sweet food and to want to sit and watch Netflix all day.

It ensures our survival.  Don’t leave home. Eat all the food that stores fat.  That’s how you’ll stay away from danger.

Thankfully these things DO make us feel good because our ancestors ate all the food and stayed in the cave and now we exist because they survived.

But it’s not the same anymore.

What kept them alive is actually what’s killing us.

We have so much food available and not much need to get up from our car, desk job, and couch.

Our brains still think that we need to sit more and eat more, but in reality, that’s the opposite of what we need.

Our brain tells us that it feels good to eat sweets.  Our brain tells us not to exert energy and to stay home where we’re safe.

That’s what feels good to us.

So maybe what we need to be doing is what doesn’t make us feel good.  What’s uncomfortable.

The things that don’t bring us immediate pleasure are what will make a difference in our lives and will overall improve who we are.

It’s a good thing to do what doesn’t feel good sometimes.  

Losing weight, being hungry, and not having dessert when all of your friends are isn’t going to feel good.  It’s going to suck.

Going to the gym when you committed to going, and telling your friends that you’re busy because you’re honoring a commitment to yourself probably isn’t going to feel good.

Working on the hard parts of your business when you could be scrolling through your friend’s Instagram vacay pics isn’t usually ideal.

But it will make you stronger and in control.

Committing to yourself and your goals and what’s not easy is the game changer.  Especially when you don’t want to.

Don’t do it because it feels good.  Do it because you are committed to yourself and making your life freakin’ amazing.

Let’s do hard things.  It’s worth it.

Xx Felicia


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