The famous question that we all want to know the answer to.

Is it high intensity interval training?

Lifting heavy?

Low intensity “fat burning” exercises?

Fasted Cardio?

I’ve heard it all.  

I’ve tried it all.  

And guess what?  None of it worked for me.

I workout out HARD 6 days a week because I wanted an amazing bod.  I did love (most) of the workouts I was doing, and they made me feel so good.

But I think part of the reason that exercising so hard and so often made me feel so good was because I knew (or thought) that it was getting me a little closer to my dream body.

No matter what I tried, how often I workout out, or how hard I worked out, I didn’t lose much weight.

And then I started doing the best exercise for weight loss.

Exercising my mind.

I had all of these beliefs – “If I workout, I can eat more.” “If I’m eating healthy, I can eat as much as I want.”  “I can have dessert because I worked out today,” “I need to eat right when I wake up and I need 3 meals and snacks every day,” “I LOVE food.”

I could go on and on.

I was binging.  I was overeating and emotional eating and eating for fun.  I was eating a ton (and not realizing that I was eating a ton), and then going to the gym to work it off.

It just doesn’t work.

I needed to change my mindset around food, exercising, weight loss, and being healthy.

Once I learned to exercise my mind, it all changed.

I changed my beliefs and changed the person I am.  I decided exactly who I want to be, and it wasn’t the same person who I was before.  

Now that my mind is healthy, it was incredible how quickly I was able to lose the weight and get my dream body.

I exercise my mind daily, and exercise my body in a much healthier way.

It was the best thing I ever did for myself.

Let’s do hard things.  It’s worth it. xx Felicia


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