If you could do anything, what would you want to do?

If you believed that the impossible was truly possible, what would you want to do? What would you want your body to look like? What kind of relationship would you want to have with food? How much money would you want to make, what kind of job would you want to have?

If you truly believed you could create your life, what would it look like?

My dream body. Complete freedom and self control around food. Over 100k in the first year I wanted to make money. Traveling to over 25 countries before I was 25 years old. There were always things that seemed very very impossible for me and it’s just so fun to know that I create my life and to create it in ANY way that I want to. 

I’m currently in Colombia. I came here directly from the Grand Cayman Islands, which is a place that I never imagined would be somewhere I would go, and it was absolutely amazing. I literally got paid just to be there because I work for The Life Coach School and I never even dreamed it would be possible for me. Getting paid to go to the Grand Cayman Islands? Being able to live and work from Colombia? These were things that I never even dreamed would be possible for me.

Not until recently.

It just goes to show that impossible is temporary.

What you think is impossible for you, is just the state of mind that you’re at right now. It doesn’t mean it’s actually impossible.

I thought that so many things were impossible- like the traveling that I’ve done, the body that I worked for, and the job that I have. I legitimately thought that because of my body type,  it was impossible to get the body I created for my bikini competition. 

It was so cool to prove myself wrong and see that it was 100% possible.

I thought it was impossible to get a full-time job at The Life Coach School where I work now. I thought it was impossible to make the amount of money that I made last year just in the first year of running my own business. I didn’t think this was possible for ME, and then I did it. Crazy.

I thought it would be impossible to travel the world, do work that I adore, and to love my body. I thought it was impossible to do just one half marathon, let alone 12 half marathons and one full marathon in twelve states over eleven months.

It wasn’t my body type. It was the things I was doing, the way that I was eating, and the way I was thinking. Those were the things that were keeping me there.

People thought iPhones were impossible before they were made. Credit cards probably sounded crazy back then- you get to pay for super expensive things just by holding a piece of plastic over another piece of plastic. How is that even possible? 

For a long time, no one thought these things were possible, but then someone started to wonder if these things WERE possible. And that’s all that all of these things started with.

A thought.

My running? I literally remember that night, lying in bed not being able to sleep, thinking “Woah, maybe it would be fun to do this.”

It was never possible until it was possible. It’s supposed to seem impossible until it is done.

Something being impossible is temporary until we have that thought and until somebody proves it wrong.

So don’t feel bad if you think that it’s impossible- I STILL think that a lot of things are still impossible for me. But you know what the fun part is? We get to prove ourselves wrong. We get to prove all of those things wrong. 

All of those things that once seemed impossible were just that little thought, and because you had that little thought, it means you’re on the right path.

The hard part already happened. You already had the idea and now it’s all just a matter of doing it, making the mistake, and trying all of those things.

How you get there is never what’s important, the actions that you need to take will come. 

What’s important is the thoughts and feelings that drive your actions.

The thoughts that will produce helpful feelings and continuous action. Because what’s going to stop the impossible from being possible is when WE stop.

Our thoughts and feelings have to align with our actions. Our WHY is important. It doesn’t matter if your Why is noble or not, it can be super simple, and you can allow yourself to be selfish. You just have to make sure that your Why will stick. 

Find a Why that lasts.

Something that doesn’t go away once you get the goal. Make sure that once you get the body that you want, your Why still drives you to KEEP it.

Believe that it could be possible. 

There has to be that little inkling of wanting to try. Even if you don’t get the results that you want. You have to believe that it could be possible for you and that it could be worth it. Even if it doesn’t happen. That it’s still worth trying.

Imagine that you’re interviewing someone that has your goal, your dream body, the best relationship with food. What would they be like? What kind of things do they think about? How do they feel when they go out and get home at night at 1 am hungry? What do they think? How would they feel? What kind of qualities does this person have? Think about what you have to think, feel, and do to become this person, and take action.

It’s going to be scary. You have to put yourself out there. You might have to be vulnerable. Uncomfortable. And after we have those thoughts and those feelings, we have to do the scary part- take action. We have to actually do the damn thing.

  1. Start by finding a realistic bridge thought. 

Instead of just giving yourself some BS affirmations. Instead of just trying to think of ways that it probably wouldn’t work out, think that maybe one day it’s possible. “Maybe one day it’s possible that I could have abs”, “maybe it would be fun to see what I could do”, “maybe it could be possible for ME.” Find that bridge thought that doesn’t feel like it’s some crazy thing that’s never going to happen, but something that maybe could be true. You’ll know you’ve found it when you can feel an impact of thinking it in your body. And it feels good.

  1. Make it a point to like your Why and make sure it’s compelling. 

Make sure that it will last past your goal if you want the result to last too. I want you to like your reason- like why you’re working out, like why you’re saying no to the cookies, like why you’re going to work every day. You get to decide if you want to do every single thing you’re doing. Remind yourself why. Make sure it’s compelling, and that it’s something that could drive you, even when it’s really tough.

  1. Get into the thoughts and feelings of that person who does it. 

What kind of thoughts and feelings would THEY have? What kind of thoughts and feelings would YOU have? The only reason why we have that goal is we want that feeling at the end, and we have to feel that now. We have to take action from that place now.

It all starts with a thought. It all starts with the way that we are, the way that we identify, the way that we’re showing up.

Impossible is a hundred percent possible if we choose to think that it is.

You’ve totally got this. Promise.



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