Everybody’s working from home and routines are different because of the quarantine.

We might be eating more, we might be noticing this issue, and we might have already gained weight from being home.

Everything is changing so this is a really good time to start and notice why this is happening. We should stop it now before it just turns into an even worse habit.

During quarantine, while you’re home, while stress and panic is high, or uncertainty is high, while things are changing, and you’re surrounded by food, you might even have more food.

Let’s talk about these three tips to stop eating everything during quarantine.

  1. Create a new routine. 

What we need to do is to create a new routine with those new kinds of rules that you have set for yourself. We’re going to make those new routines and make those new decisions for you. That’s how they do well. That’s how we set them up for success for ourselves.

We don’t really create that routine the same every day so that our brain gets used to knowing what’s coming.

Just giving you that consistent routine will help so much.

This first step is creating that new plan and that new routine is for the way that your new life is structured right now.

Last week, I made a new routine for myself because my life was also very different. Make sure that you are creating a plan specifically for you. I made it a very detailed routine so I knew exactly what I was going to do.

You can literally just do a thought dump where you just write out all of your thoughts.

Once I was done with that, I would create a power list which is just your list of your top five priorities. These are the top five tasks that you wanted to get done for that day.

Then, I would create my meal plan for the day. Everything I was going to eat.

I have this all written down and every single morning when I would get up, I would look at my list and I would go through my list. It was just super easy for me to know what to do and not be confused, not substitute and plan other things.

That was the routine that I followed for a full week.

I really suggest creating your routine, in a way that you want to follow. Make sure that you have all the things that you want to do and not over-schedule yourself.

Once you create your plan, I want you to follow that plan for at least five days. Make sure you’re actually doing it at that time and re-evaluate and adjust it to be more realistic.

  1. Follow your new routine.

This is the hard part that I struggled with. The hard part was always following the plan.

Our brain does not like change. It doesn’t like new and different things. Our brain kept us alive by making sure that nothing changed.

That’s why your brain does not like change, it doesn’t like coronavirus.

You should teach your brain how to do new things. You are going to have these, the more we give in.

When we give in to that part of our brain, the more we strengthen it.

You don’t have to get in. We have to practice having the urges and not giving in. The way to do that is by having a lot of urges.

Those urges are going to get weaker and weaker because we’re not going to give in to them.

We know it’s supposed to show up, and then we keep our word to ourselves. We build more confidence and we build our trust with ourselves.

You’re just naturally going to start following your plan because you know because your mind knows your thoughts are telling yourself that this is just what you do. 

  1. Talk to yourself. 

We need to practice talking to ourselves a whole lot more than we are listening to the absolute crap that our brain is going to offer to us.

You deserve to be feeling proud of yourself, having your own back, doing the things you say and you’re going to do.

You deserve having your dream body.

You deserve being able to say that you’ll do something and actually being confident that you will do it.

You need to practice talking to yourself and deciding what you want to believe instead of just believing whatever crap pops up.

First of all, this is a pattern. This is a habit that we’re trying to break.

Second of all, the way that our brains are designed to want food. Food companies these days are amazing at getting us addicted to the food that they’re creating.

Food is not going to make us feel better right now.

We just kind of distract our brain. That’s all.

When you want to have so much control around yourself, your family, your eating, your body, and your weight than ever before, this is the best time to do it.

If you can learn this work now, if you can learn to trust yourself  to do the things that you say you are going to do, if you can learn to be proud of yourself and have confidence, if you can lose weight and stop snacking and when this is over, you’re gonna be a freaking champion.

You’re gonna be so much stronger.

This is the time to invest in yourself.

You’ve totally got this. Promise.



Wanna hear more? Listen to the full Abs are Made in the Mind podcast episode below!

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