I get to open up the subconscious of my client’s mind.

They are able to tap into their subconscious and help them get unstuck in some kind of emotion.

Anything is possible when you can tap into different parts of you.

All hypnosis is just self hypnosis.

We are way more powerful than we give ourselves credit for.

Once you get into that space you can start asking yourself questions.

You need coaches to help you in what you’re doing and guide you.

Helps you realize why you do what you’re doing.

When is eating enough?

Eating and food is a way of taking care of myself.

An issue is when you overdue.

Too much of anything creates negative results.

If I think I’m taking care of myself by eating then it makes me feel like i’m permitted to eat more.

The way I treat myself is the result that I’m getting.

If you already love what you have, how are you gonna treat the things that you love?

Is it really a problem?

Then we’re gonna make a decision to make those changes.

We start unravelling ourselves on why we have these problems.

We just make them take a huge brain dump.

We are the only person who creates our problem.

Being mean to yourself is the problem with the diet mentality.

We would be more at peace when we accept what we have.

I do brain dumping every morning and do some kind of exercise.

Self – coaching happens all day long.

I am living my dream life.

You’ve totally got this. Promise.



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