I do go out sometimes and walk sometimes.

At this time we need to love people so much.

We need to love people instead of telling people that they’re wrong.

There’s no point right now in beating yourself up over that.

Have your own back in your own decisions.

There’s no right decision in any of this.

Beating yourself up has no upside.

We can’t control the world.

Show up from a place of love. Treat people how we wanna treat them.

It’s hard to connect with people.

We suffer when we plan on something and it fails.

It doesn’t have to be this whole terrible thing.

How could this be a good thing for you?

Your brain is telling you all these things that are terrible?

I wanna do what is best for me and what’s best for other people.

What if it was a good thing for you?

You’ve totally got this. Promise.



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