Over the course of this I had to go to physical therapy for months.

Then I looked up for full marathons to run.

I ran half marathons in 12 states.

This goal was very hard for me.

I thought it was harder than it really was.

I didn’t really train for the first half.

The first few times I was always freaking out.

You would always think and expect for the worse.

Our brains are always looking out for danger and always being negative.

Freaking out is completely optional.

I didn’t magically feel better and just do it anyways.

I always think that it’s gonna be harder than it is but I just do it anyway.

There’s a big difference between not being able to do something and not wanting to do something.

Are you willing to keep trying for however long it takes?

Are you willing to do whatever it takes?

It completely changes the energy and the way you show up.

Do you want to or do you not want to do it?

Changing my routine did not make me lose weight or got me shredded.

Changing your habits will get you to lose weight and not running.

All this running didn’t change me.

I was eating more to stay exactly where I’m at.

I stayed the same and not really changed my physical aspects.

How do you do that?

When you think it sucks, it will actually suck.

Enjoy what you are doing.

Learning to think while running.

Use that time to process and calm your mind.

When we think it’s terrible, that’s how we’ll make it terrible

Those are the thoughts that make us suffer, when we don’t need to be suffering.

I direct my brain to not think about things that make me feel terrible when I’m running.

Goals are there to evolve me as a person and to have fun.

You’ve totally got this. Promise.



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