I didn’t think twice about what I was eating.

I didn’t worry about what my stomach looked like.

I don’t eat out of boredom or for fun.

How to change your relationship with food.

You eat when you’re hungry and not overeating.

If we want a different result then we have to take a different action.

We have to feel something differently and think something differently.

I just ate these oreos and didn’t think about my body weight later.

I would’ve felt something bad and talked badly about myself.

It’s getting us stuck from getting better.

It’s not a good or a bad thing.

The way we think is the bad thing.

These are just your personal beliefs.

Eating all those oreos can be a good thing.

Being disgusted by ourselves will not make us improve ourselves.

What do you do when you feel motivated?

Keep feeling good when you’re getting closer to your goal.

Just keep going.

The thought about getting closer to your goal is what makes you closer to your goal.

Beating yourself up is key to staying exactly where you are now.

You have to be willing to think and try something new.

You have to do these actions in a place of motivation.

You’ve totally got this. Promise.



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