We are all feeling negative.

It’s not going to change our baseline of being happy.

Our brains are always looking out for danger.

Our brain is so alert and so prepared for the situation right now.

The world is falling apart.

We are looking for everything that is going wrong.

It’s not as big of a deal as your brain is telling you that it is.

For every hour that you spend looking for news, you should make sure that you’re putting something good in your brain.

Put positive things into your brain.

Better yourself for you to survive.

The only problem in our world right now is that we have human brains.

It’s exactly what’s supposed to happen.

We realize things when we calm down.

When we’re looking at the world, we should think about the things that are doing well.

Our thoughts are making us anxious.

The world being neutral is very scary.

We think about all the negative things that are happening all the time.

You should be feeling exactly what you are feeling right now.

You are not powerless in this situation.

Find a worst case scenario for you.

Your negative thoughts are what are making you feel bad.

The worry that you have right now is not useful nor beneficial for you right now.

You can handle the thoughts in your mind.

How do you wanna show up right now?

What would feel most like love to you?

How is everything okay today?

Find an example of why everything is amazing right now.

We have so much time.

Planet earth is benefiting from us slowing down and stopping.

We have to choose our thoughts on purpose.

All negative thoughts are gonna flood you.

Worry and anxiety isn’t gonna get you the result that you want.

It feels like nothing is normal right now.

Our normal routine is put to a stop.

You are choosing to spend this time on how you spend it.

You can make it a time you can enjoy.

Decide for yourself on how you use that time.

You can decide to be all in on it or not.

You’ve totally got this. Promise.



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