Food became something of a comfort.

Learned an early reliance on food.

Dieting kinda like going on a tricky rock wall, i’m just about to up, then I come sliding down again.

Taking responsibility for my own body.

Training to be a life coach took me to a whole new level.

It helped me decide what to think and feel ahead of time.

Getting myself there was a lot of thought work and understanding.

I’m in charge of my feelings.

It feels easier to decide than to rely on willpower.

Watching how you teach yourself on how to believe something.

It impacted my self – confidence.

My entire life has improved so much.

Importance of thinking.

Allowance of feelings and positive mindsets.

Changing your thoughts isn’t the easy way, it is the only way.

This process being laid out by a coach was super important.

There are areas that have so many blindspots, and coaches help me get over those blindspots.

Coaching is so important because our thoughts are so powerful.

What we’ve invested in believing in is so true.

I learned mastery over my mind.

I had to set the bar for my own thinking and my own willingness to feel any feeling.

I had to be willing to take myself places I wasn’t willing to go to before.

I had to say whatever they say to get evaluated.

I had to be willing to just feel it all.

During it, I felt terrible but I became so proud of myself for finishing it.

Grateful for myself for being willing to do it.

It’s not about punishing ourselves, we’re doing this for ourselves because we love ourselves.

I learned to love exercise.

I use the internet and fasting.

Finding a way to provide evidence to create evidence of whoever you want to be.

You’ve totally got this. Promise.



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