Christmas trees and cinnamon smells are scents that make me happy.

They just feel like home.

Travel has shown me that there are so many amazing people that can give anything they can.

People will really lay down everything for you.

People that help me from my travels.

I went swimming with sharks in Hawaii in a cage diving thing.

Realistically the scariest thing i’ve done is staying with a lot of strangers when I travel.

My bikini competition will always be my biggest accomplishment.

It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

My favorite flavor of jelly bean is the starburst jellybeans, the pink ones.

I downloaded Tik Tok last night as a guilty pleasure this quarantine.

It was so funny and I really wanted to see.

I don’t have a go-to music artist. I love the John Mayer or Jonas Brothers type of stuff.

I would rather eat cold food for the rest of my life. I just thought about ice cream or soup.

The first thing that popped up when I thought about our friendship was inside jokes and “hide huh”.

The one thing that I admire about my mom is the willingness to do whatever it takes to get to be where you need to be.

The life school coach podcast is my favorite podcast to listen to. Besides that is the MFCEO podcast.

The top quality that I want my future husband to have is just a good person, just kind and nice.

Someone motivated and someone who always wanted to improve.

My favorite type of flowers are just roses.

I like to get experiences and memories type of stuff as gifts and notes.

Instagram is my favorite app and dating apps if that counts.

The one second everyday app is also a favorite app.

“Just progress, not perfect” or “keep moving forward” are quotes I live by or “choose love always”.

Right now i’m reading 1984 and it’s kinda fun to read right now and then Atomic Habits and Wild.

The 12 workouts or group training and crossfit are my favorite workouts.

Eat Chow in Newport beach is my favorite restaurant.

I wake up in Hawaii with my boyfriend in my room, on a helicopter ride or a hike, then we hit the beach, then we get engaged, then we get back to our Air bnb is my perfect day.

I would rather date an extroverted person.

My best friend is the one thing that makes me smile or the beach, sunsets then surrounded by people I like.

I learned that it’s okay to say no in quarantine.

I learned how to handstand and how to make kombucha.

My biggest pet peeves is people who kick the buttons on the street and not use their elbow.

I don’t wanna live without the beach long term.

I think just the way I teach the model, knowing that you feel bad then you eating to feel better but all it does is make you feel bad and it becomes a cycle.

Just go into a place that you can learn to love yourself.

You get to choose what kind of lifestyle you want.

You’ve totally got this. Promise.



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