We use mushrooms as improving your body and using them as consciousness tools. It helps open up new neural pathways and help your brain function in a way of more awareness.

Almost every culture has an appreciation for herbalism that mushrooms plays a strong part in.

We study mushrooms a lot as a medicine. It is a food that actually works with the immune system.

Mushrooms can directly feed the white blood cells. Many of these mushrooms have super powers.

It supports synapses that help you in memory concentration and focus.

Chaga helps you in biochemistry and hormonal release. It hits you in the pineal gland that releases melatonin.

Melanin creates radiance. Chaga is the richest dose in melanin.

Pharmacology was based on mushrooms.

Make it a way that you enjoy. Suffering through being healthy is not healthy.

Your taste buds adapt. You start to be able to taste that nuance of unique medicinal compounds.

You are producing good habits. It starts difficult but you build it overtime.

Melanin is the antioxidant you want in your body. Chaga provides you that direct dose.

Chaga supports detoxing and destroys toxins out of your system.

There’s so much we can do from the inside of our skin.

Don’t do anything that can suppress the immune system.

Information is liberation. Don’t lose to fear.

You have control over your immune system. Nothing comes your way that doesn’t knock you off.

You can choose to show up in a different way. 

The logistical thing to do is be more healthy because life is like that.

Can’t be in a fearful state. Surround yourself with people with an empowered perspective.

Don’t drink tap water. Drink glass water in a bottle.

We’re built to walk. Healthiest people walk everyday on average an hour everyday.

Move your body as nature intended. Do what you can.

Externalize yourself by going for a walk. Go for a walk in a negative state and you can feel better coming back.

Drink your vitamins especially ones with vitamin C and vitamin D.

Buy vitamins from a natural wholefood source.

Cat’s claw tea is a nice herb you can get to get rid of viruses and stay healthy.

Pau D’arco respiratory antiviral herb you can get.

Chaperol is a desert herb that is very powerful against viruses in the body.

How do I build my body to feel naturally healthy?

This is a time that we are growing stronger and we are getting better.

There are so many fun things that are being brung into your life that are so meaningful.

You just have to trust that whatever you are doing is working and keep going. 

Quitting is what guarantees that we fail.

Food and what you put in your body will become you. You are what you eat.

If I’m not living in a healthy state then what’s the point?

They’re more enjoyable when you’re in a healthy state.

 When it comes to a point where your consciousness is leveled up and it feels better.

There’s no point in doing all these things when you’re not healthy and not enjoying it.

Clarity of mind and a clear decision of what you want to happen.

Writing a process down of what you want to happen and what you physically feel in reality.

Create the reality for yourself.

It becomes very easy when you gain clarity in your goals.

Use momentum in your favor. Adapt in doing what you want.

Willing to try a new lifestyle. 

Just try it and claim what you learn from anything.

Learn from all the people you meet.

Speak positive words and claim your day.

Question yourself and understand the reality of where you’re truly at.

You’ve totally got this. Promise.



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