Where we want to be has a lot of discomfort.

The habits that we have been doing for years are hard to get rid of.

It’s not gonna be easy and comfortable and it’s not supposed to be.

Nothing has gone wrong when it’s really hard.

What’s hard about the execution is the discomfort.

It’s not the plan and it’s not the discomfort. It’s sitting in discomfort and doing nothing.

Don’t beat yourself over these feelings.

Know you’re just eating to feel comfortable.

 The easy thing to do is eat to forget about the desire you’re holding in.

Maybe you feel a little isolated for not eating much.

It’s either you want to feel better or you don’t want to feel worse.

It’s because you don’t want to feel uncomfortable.

It’s so much easier to eat.

We create abs to learn to be mentally tough.

We have to do that same practice with our mind.

We have to keep doing it and keep teaching it to be tough and learn.

We have to teach ourselves that discomfort does not mean we give up.

We have to be uncomfortable too.

We have to be willing to feel that discomfort to get that abs.

We have to learn to just keep going.

Even if it feels like we’re getting nowhere.

We expect  that things are not gonna go wrong.

We fight for it and we keep going. We don’t give up when it’s hard. 

We have to build up and create this confidence in ourselves that we can handle discomfort.

We can do that by practicing and learning to follow through with our plans.

We’re learning to solve things to do it better.

There is clean and dirty discomfort.

Turn off the stories when you’re uncomfortable because that’s what makes it dirty.

Clean discomfort is when you accept when you’re uncomfortable.

Discomfort means that I’m learning and I’m improving.

We feel that discomfort and we try to get out of it.

Until we get that discomfort to be really clean it’s going to be hard to get rid of that discomfort.

Maybe just sit there and feel discomfort. Let yourself feel it.

Keep your discomfort clean. Don’t find excuses.

Be willing to feel uncomfortable.

Practice and find what works for you.

I maximize my time so much more.

I follow my plan and maximize my money.

I know the discomfort in this area helps me in all the other areas.

You’ve totally got this. Promise.



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Barbara · August 21, 2020 at 4:50 pm

Hi Felicia, How are you? Hope doing well. I just wanted to tell you that I really liked this episode. I listened to it twice and might go back to it again. You are very good.
Take care

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