It’s just interesting why they sound so good.

Some of them worked. These things don’t last.

It wasn’t what I wanted for myself long term.

You cannot use willpower for the rest of your life.

That is not how weightloss should feel.

After a lot of practice it should be helpful and fun.

You can choose to think that no matter what you’re doing.

Make this work for the rest of your life.

Don’t restrict yourself. You should eat the way you wanna eat but not overeating.

That is the thing that’s gonna change for you.

That quick fix isn’t magical. 

It’s about you creating that positive emotion in your mind. Feeling shitty but doing it anyways.

People get confused. It’s always that quick fix that doesn’t work because it’s just willpower.

I want you to make this work for you in a way that you wanna do forever.

You are gonna have to experiment and figure it out but it’ll be worth it.

Figure out your plan that works for you.

You feel restricted and kind of restless.

What if it’s not your bad at carbs it’s you were snacking when you shouldn’t.

They don’t have a positive relation for you.

The next time you feel like this quick fix is amazing, just think, has it worked before?

Just think that you’ve tried this before and it didn’t work.

We have to be willing to burn down those diet rules.

We have to be willing to give it up and take it day by day.

One plan at time. Write down your plan every night.

Write down your plan to have something to go back to.

You have to plan it out and practice.

Quick fixes makes you think it can be exciting.

You can plan anything you want as long as it’s realistic and you’re planning.

Choose a plan and stick with it. Create that excitement.

Try something new that’s not a quick fix and see what happens.

It’s the little decisions every single day.

You’ve totally got this. Promise.



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