We have thoughts in our minds that pop up. They are so important, it creates feelings.

Those sentences in my mind created my feelings and drove my actions.

Thoughts are programmed before we’re even conscious.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to do it you are subconsciously forced to do it.

It’s not as easy as that. We have to work through all that we have learned over the past years.

It’s not an automatic fix so it’s okay to get stuck.

I was not amazing at feelings. Feelings are not my strong suit.

Shame is a painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by wrong or foolish behavior.

Shame is who you are is wrong. When you feel like something’s wrong with you.

Guilt is the fact of having committed or implied offense or crime.

Guilt is I did something wrong. Shame and guilt us the key emotions of keeping us stuck.

It makes us want to stop. It makes us just want to go eat and just indulge in our guilty pleasures.

Shame stops us in our tracks. Shame doesn’t make us want to show up and do our goals.

Guilt and shame does not help you in building yourself and showing up.

Be willing to accept those thoughts in our heads.

Once we accept them this is when we can work on them.

We have to be willing to sit there and look at our thoughts and accept them.

It doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with us, we just have an obstacle in our life.

Its so good to look at our thoughts and reflect on what we should do with our goals.

We have to be willing to accept them.

We’re so scared of getting wrong with what we’re doing.

It just didn’t help me make a change, it just made me stuck.

We have to be willing to show up and to do it and to fail and reassess.

Figure out what to do and just do it.

Knowing it is not possible to be perfect. We have to be willing to make imperfect action.

Doing it wrong is necessary to grow and evolve.

Willing to show up in the wrong way to do it in the right way to make it perfect.

The fear of doing it wrong prevents us from doing it.

We have to be willing to do little things and trust ourselves to do those actions that we choose.

Feeling shame is not gonna change the world but it’ll help you show up.

It starts with something tiny. It starts with deciding to do something little.

It’s not gonna be comfortable. We need to practice our thought work.

Be willing to feel like an ass from time to time.

Celebrate those little things, keep doing those little things.

Be willing to do something even if it’s not completely right. Be willing to do action.

Practice your thoughts. The thoughts you want to think on purpose.

When you do it, sit with the discomfort. Be brave.

This is a gift to yourself. 

We are all human and there is nothing wrong with you to make a change.

You’ve totally got this. Promise.



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