• Learn how to feel in control around food
  • Gain confidence in your body NOW
  • Become the person you've always wanted to be

Start gaining control. Guaranteed.

Want to be in a room full of cookies, chocolate, and (insert favorite food here) and feel in complete control? Confident in your choices? Never beat yourself up about eating?

The Confidently Free Academy is a 12 Week Course that will get you the results that you've always wanted. Freedom around food. Confidence and self-love. Knowing you are 100% in control.

I provide the tools to get you AMAZING results. We find out what has been stopping you, and how to change your thoughts and beliefs to empower you.

It's SO fun to be in control and find joy in life rather than food. I promise.

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Confidently free academy review
Jessica F.

"Breaking this cycle has allowed me to maintain a healthy lifestyle (that I truly want to live) and has allowed me to continue and  maintain weight loss."

“When I started Mind Coaching with Felicia I had a horrible self image, poor self confidence and a terrible relationship with food. 

This was something that was so embarrassing to me … so embarrassing that I couldn’t talk about with my husband, friends and family… and what happened was I was a miserable, unhappy person 90% of the time that would take out her frustrations on her husband, friends and family…. 

The biggest lesson I learned … IT IS OK TO FEEL YOUR FEELINGS… and its really uncomfortable at first. BUT the more you do it the more you gain from it!! 

I was in a self destructive cycle with food and my feelings… I would get stressed or upset about work or my family life… I would eat to feel better, then the guilt sets in because I ate bad food…. so then I eat more, because you know “I already messed up my diet for the day so I just better make this count!”

Breaking this cycle has allowed me to maintain a healthy lifestyle (that I truly want to live) and has allowed me to continue and  maintain weight loss. 

I cannot tell you how many times I have “diet for 3 months then I can eat normal” and gain all the weight back I just lost …. but truly changing my thoughts about food and my everyday diet/lifestyle has changed my life. 

I have set 3 huge goals for myself …. 1) To be and become the most healthy and fit version of myself that I can be. 2) To become a UFE Bikini Pro athlete   3) To LOVE my body and the way I look now … and in every step of my journey. 

Some other cool things that I have accomplished:
Started my own business
Quit Drinking
Ability to have hard or embarrassing conversations with my husband/family/co-workers

Controlling how I feel about situations that happen in my life that are out of my control (I used to call them stressful or frustrating situations) 

Mind Coaching literally has changed my life, I could not have accomplished any of these things without learning these tools.”